Women’s basketball coach generates another racism hoax

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Head coach Dawn Staley, a friend of Haley’s, said several months ago she would visit the White House if invited, but the team never received an invitation. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File) Rich Pedroncelli

Women’s basketball coach generates another racism hoax

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Dawn Staley, women’s basketball coach at the University of South Carolina, is a phenomenal leader. The Hall of Fame former basketball player was a perennial winner at Temple University and even won an Olympic gold medal as women’s USA National team coach. She is one of the greatest athletes and minds ever to play basketball.

She is also one of the biggest racial agitators and purveyors of fake claims of racism in the country. Unfortunately, she’s never been held accountable for her inflammatory rhetoric and hyperbolic hysteria.


Staley’s latest controversy came during a postgame press conference after her team lost in the Women’s Final Four to the University of Iowa. She was critical of comments made by Lisa Bluder, Iowa’s coach, before the Iowa vs. South Carolina game — words that were actually complimentary toward Staley’s team. But Staley took them and twisted them as if they had been not only negative but also laced with racial implications.

“The truth about our team?” Staley said after her team lost. “That’s a good question. We’re not bar fighters. We’re not thugs. We’re not monkeys. We’re not street fighters. If you really knew them, if you really knew them, like you really want to know other players that represent this game, you would think differently. So don’t judge us by the color of our skin. Judge us by how we approach the game.”

The thing is, nobody had judged South Carolina’s players by the color of their skin. In fact, Bluder had only commented on how Staley’s team approached the game and how dominating the team was at rebounding.

“I mean, they’re an amazing offensive rebounding team,” Bluder said. “Somebody kind of just described it to me as you’re going to a bar fight when you try to go rebound against them; they’re just so good.”

That’s what Bluder said that is supposedly offensive.

As for Staley’s other comments and descriptions about “monkeys” and the like, she has not clarified where any of that supposedly came from. Unfortunately, Staley’s baseless and unsubstantiated claims are part of a pattern. It would be one thing if this were something she said, in frustration, after a defeat, when emotions were running high, based on a misunderstanding. But this is the second time Staley implied racism was an issue when the facts showed otherwise.

In September 2022, USC canceled a two-game series with Brigham Young University’s women’s team as retribution for another fabricated incident in which a BYU fan supposedly yelled racial slurs at a Duke women’s volleyball team member during a match in August. A thorough investigation revealed that no such slurs had been shouted. Despite this, Staley never apologized or changed her decision to cancel the games. Instead, she doubled down and accused the investigators of lying because the Duke player who had made the initial accusation failed to retract it.

“I exchanged information with BYU and Duke, and I still came to the same conclusion,” Staley said at the time. “We’re just going to have to agree to disagree in this instance. Did [Richardson]) come out and say that she apologized for hearing something wrong? … That’s her story, and that’s what she’s sticking with. Until she comes out and says that — and I’ll be the first to apologize and say I’m wrong — but that has yet to come out, so that’s what I’m sticking with.”


Staley may be great at coaching, but she is also a very reckless and dishonest person, ready to fling potentially career-ending accusations without any evidence at anyone, any time.

It’s time someone started calling her out on it.

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