With ‘Latine,’ the Left begs Hispanics to move right

The left-wing intellectual brain trust is coming up with new and creative ways to push working-class Hispanic voters away from the Democratic Party and into the arms of the Republican Party.

Today’s edition of “I’m a liberal and I’m going to tell you, minority group, what to say and think” features the term “Latine,” a new “gender-inclusive” spin on the word Latino after the last attempt to force Hispanics to adopt the word “Latinx” failed spectacularly.

Carlos Zavala, vice president at consulting firm Whiteboard Advisors, told Axios that the latest attempt to force the Spanish language to remove its gendered suffixes is “part of a movement centered on wanting to build and foster an inclusive community.”

Surely, from his artificially lit metropolitan office space or home office, Zavala can blabber about the “inclusivity” he is injecting into the Spanish language, but down in the real world, changing language is a complicated business, and using terms like “Latine” betrays an elitist mindset that is divorced from the way people who use the term “Latino” to describe themselves actually think.

Since 2020, the Democratic Party has been bleeding support among Hispanics and other minority groups, and it is not hard to see why. These demographics are overwhelmingly working class and do not have time or interest in virtue signaling about the kind of language they use and whether or not it is sufficiently “inclusive.”


These demographic groups care about the economy, their jobs, and the safety of their communities. Of course, these are not things that are of real concern to highly educated liberals who enjoy cushy job security and can afford to lecture the uneducated plebes about the latest fads in gender ideology.

But it will continue to cost them at the ballot box, and if Donald Trump rides a wave of Hispanic support back to the White House this November, there will be no self-reflection from this self-righteous class as they scream in anger and despair. They will simply claim that Trump bewitched this group of astute and independently minded voters into voting for him.

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