Why was a black congresswoman not criticized for her racist comment about white men?

It was quite contentious in the House of Representatives last week. Discussions about fake eyelashes, “bleach blonde” hair, and (supposedly) homophobic slurs were part of the heated exchange between Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) that received much of the country’s scrutiny and attention. Yet before that chaos ensued, a black Democratic congresswoman made a bigoted statement in the House that also went unchecked and uncriticized.

If Democrats didn’t have double standards, they would have none at all.

While commenting about the accusations of sexual misconduct against Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Chairman Martin Gruenberg, Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) stated that she was “so tired of white men failing up.” It’s the kind of racism, intolerance, and bigotry that Democrats said they want to purge from society. However, because the target of Pressley’s racist and bigoted wrath was a white man, her comments were absolved from widespread criticism or the kind of outrage had a white Republican made such a similar comment about a black Democrat. 

Feelings or sentiments regarding the accusations against Gruenberg aside, the criticisms against him should focus on his alleged actions and what he was accused of doing. Whatever Gruenberg allegedly did or did not do, his skin color had nothing to do with it. Pressley should not have even brought it up, and everyone in Congress and the media should have criticized and condemned her for her racial bigotry.

But they didn’t. Why? Because racial discrimination against white men is permitted and, in many instances, actively encouraged.

As mentioned above, Pressley’s comment was the kind of inflammatory rhetoric that would have led to widespread condemnations if roles, races, and political parties had been reversed. This double standard and hypocrisy keep happening in the country’s political realms. More people seem concerned with attacking Greene than calling out Pressley for her racial bigotry. It must stop. Democrats who make racist remarks deserve a strong, swift condemnation. They deserve the same kind of vitriol they have when they accuse Republicans of such things.

Furthermore, given her concerns about what appears to be wealthy men not being held accountable for sexual misconduct, Pressley might want to familiarize herself with the numerous stories of professional athletes and rappers who seem to escape punishment for such crimes consistently. They repeatedly “fail upward,” and they aren’t white men. Pressley also might want to watch the video that was released this weekend of affluent rapper and music producer Sean “Diddy” Combs beating his girlfriend senseless in an incident from 2016. 


We should all want bad people to be held accountable for their actions. This holds true if they are white or black, male or female, rich or poor. Bad people are bad people. But to Democrats like Pressley, skin color is the only factor that matters in all of this. She has routinely shown during her time in Congress that in these kinds of instances, the only things she cares about are the skin color of the victim and the skin color of the aggressor. 

Ayanna Pressley is a racist bigot. Everyone should call her out as one. She must be held accountable for her egregious intolerance and discrimination.

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