White liberal journalist scolds black man for taking picture with ‘racist’ Trump

Former Philadelphia Eagles star Trent Cole caused quite the outrage this weekend when a photo of Cole with former President Donald Trump circulated on social media. 

“Eagles Legend Trent Cole on the campaign trail with former President Donald Trump today in Harrisburg, PA,” the X, formerly Twitter, account Eagles Nation posted on Friday night. The post featured a picture of the retired Eagles defensive lineman standing next to the former president. Trump headlined the National Rifle Association’s Presidential Forum at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg on Friday. 

But a former Eagles player, especially a black American man, standing next to Trump was apparently too much to handle for many of the Philadelphia area’s sports journalists who criticized Cole on the social media platform. In many instances, white liberal men scolded the black American Trent Cole for taking a picture with Trump. In one response, former Philadelphia Inquirer sports writer Paul Domowitch was appalled that Cole took a picture with Trump because, as Domowitch stated, Trump is “an effing racist.”

Domowitch let his displeasure be known. “Jesus, Trent. The man’s an effing racist,” the unhinged former sports writer said in part of his post in a thread about Cole’s picture with Trump. It was typical left-wing, liberal, holier-than-thou outrage. 

However, we must note the hypocrisy here. We have a white liberal rebuking a black man and essentially saying that a black man should not be taking pictures with a former president because he is racist. It’s not the liberal white man who wants the black man to live up to the white liberal’s standards and conduct himself in a way the white liberal man sees fit. No, that is not racist in the world of the white liberal man.

Normally, X posts of retired journalists about retired football players from the Philadelphia area wouldn’t be worth writing about. But Domowitch’s sanctimony, in this instance, warrants commentary because it is indicative of the white liberal male’s attitude on race. Domowitch and other liberal white males like him adhere to the ideology of the vision of the self-anointed. They believe they are more intelligent, more enlightened, and a superior group of human beings compared to those with different cultural and political beliefs.


It is why a liberal white man like Domowitch felt it was appropriate to provide a condescending and public rebuke of a black man. They feel they have the right to tell minorities how to live their lives. It’s vital to remember instances such as these the next time white liberals cry about racism. They genuinely don’t care about racial discrimination; they want to weaponize it to obtain political power and cultural dominance. 

Like every other white liberal, Domowitch thinks he knows what is best for racial minorities in this country. It’s indicative of the cultural rot of today’s Democrats and political Left.

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