White House says Abbott ‘abandoned children’ in latest immigrant drop off

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FILE – A view of the security around the Vice President’s residence at the Naval Observatory in Washington, Jan. 17, 2021. Local organizers in Washington say three buses of recent migrant families arrived from Texas near the home of Vice President Kamala Harris in record-setting cold on Christmas Eve. Texas authorities have not confirmed their involvement. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File) Susan Walsh/AP

White House says Abbott ‘abandoned children’ in latest immigrant drop off

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The White House condemned Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) for dropping the latest busload of immigrants, which includes children, outside of Vice President Kamala Harris‘s residence on Christmas Eve.

The White House claimed that the move was a “cruel, dangerous, and shameful stunt,” according to CNN, after three more busloads of immigrants were transported from Texas to Washington, D.C., despite freezing temperatures.


“Gov. Abbott abandoned children on the side of the road in below-freezing temperatures on Christmas Eve without coordinating with any federal or local authorities,” White House spokesman Abdullah Hasan said in a statement. “As we have repeatedly said, we are willing to work with anyone — Republican or Democrat alike — on real solutions, like the comprehensive immigration reform and border security measures President Biden sent to Congress on his first day in office, but these political games accomplish nothing and only put lives in danger.”

The Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network was on hand to transport immigrants to a local church and provide them with proper resources. The arrivals included asylum-seekers from Ecuador, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Peru, and Colombia. The buses were supposed to go to New York but were diverted to D.C. due to weather conditions in New York, a volunteer for the aid network told CNN.

The buses were the latest in Abbott’s move to send immigrants seeking asylum to Democratic cities, including to the Naval Observatory where Harris resides. Abbott has sent more than 8,500 people to Washington, D.C., more than 4,000 to New York City, over 1,300 to Chicago, and more than 260 to Philadelphia since April, according to data from his office.

The buses are intended to highlight the crisis at the border, responding to the Biden administration’s decision to end Title 42, a pandemic-era emergency health order that allowed immigration authorities to deny entry to immigrants.


Abbott sent a letter to President Joe Biden last week, demanding the administration address the immigration situation along the southern border, and requested federal resources to help secure it.

“You and your administration must stop the lie that the border is secure and, instead, immediately deploy federal assets to address the dire problems you have caused,” Abbott wrote. “You must execute the duties that the U.S. Constitution mandates you perform and secure the southern border before more innocent lives are lost.”

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