White House denies election freakout over Biden: ‘What are you talking about?’

The White House said Tuesday it is not freaking out over President Joe Biden‘s chances at reelection.

“What are you talking about?” press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said when asked about a Politico story that claimed Democrats are in a “full-blown freakout” over Biden’s bid for a second term.

“Biden’s stubbornly poor polling and the stakes of the election are creating the freakout,” a reporter said, quoting the article.

While Jean-Pierre said she could not speak about the 2024 election due to her status as a government employee with a taxpayer-funded job, she nonetheless defended Biden’s record.

“The president has never forgotten where he came from,” she said. “He understands what the American people are going through as they’re sitting around the kitchen table. You hear the president talk about his time growing up where he watched his family having to sit around the kitchen table making incredibly difficult decisions. And the president has always said he’s going to fight for communities that have been forgotten.”

Yet the president is stuck with low approval ratings and trailing former President Donald Trump in most swing state polls. Biden has begun downplaying the importance and reliability of the polls themselves, telling donors, “I don’t think any of the polls matter very much this early.”

But news outlets, citing anonymous sources close to the campaign, say it’s a different story behind the scenes, with insiders worried that Trump is connecting with the electorate and gaining speed even as he’s partially sidelined with a criminal trial in New York.


Jean-Pierre claimed that Biden is the better choice, saying “he’s going to continue to fight to make sure that corporate greed doesn’t continue to take hold.”

She continued, “That is something he’s been very clear about. Republicans are doing the opposite. They’ve put out a policy where they want to give a big tax break to the wealthiest among us — billionaires and corporations. That’s not what the president wants to do.”

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