What if Republicans supported all their candidates instead of tearing down some of their own?

In 1984, Ronald Reagan reminded Washington that Americans never lost faith in themselves or their ability to shape their children?s future, it had been there all along.

What if Republicans supported all their candidates instead of tearing down some of their own?

As many Republicans are left baffled over Tuesday’s elections and wonder why the “red wave” that so many promised never materialized, one crucial word comes to mind: unity. Many people were overtly critical of the Republican candidates throughout the election — much of it was from Republicans themselves. But what if instead of criticizing their own, Republicans actually united around them? Wouldn’t that be a much better strategy? Imagine if Republicans supported all their candidates instead of tearing down some of their own.


Republicans frequently cite former President Ronald Reagan as one of their heroes. Yet, these very same people seem to have forgotten one of his most important lessons: Reagan’s 11th Commandment. Originally used during his 1966 campaign for governor of California, it was a sentiment he maintained throughout his political career.

“The greatest thing that’s happened to the Republican Party is that when the chips are down, and the decisions are made as to who the candidates will be, then the 11th Commandment prevails, and everybody goes to work, and that is, ‘Thou shall not speak ill of another Republican,'” Reagan said at a Reception for the Delegates in 1982.

It’s a lesson Republicans would be wise to remember in 2022 for 2024.

Republicans shouldn’t be bashing their own candidates during the general election. This is true for all Republicans, no matter what side of the party divide one might be on. Such bickering makes sense during the primaries, but in the general election, it’s disastrous. We are all on the same team, or at least we should be. No Republican should be rooting for any Republican to lose during the general election. Instead, let’s unite and work together.

Whether you’re MAGA or establishment, it’s vital to remember what we are up against. Democrats want to murder babies, tax people into oblivion, let criminals walk on the street, identify pronouns, and declare that men can be women and vice versa. I don’t care how much you hate Trump, or how much you think the establishment are wealthy elitists who detest the working class. Regarding the general election, we must all unite against the imminent threat. Too much is at stake.


We can disagree and criticize all we want during the primaries. Let’s hash it out and argue like a dysfunctional married couple headed for a divorce. But once those are over, we must ask ourselves, which is more important: a Republican victory or to start declaring our pronouns before every speech?

If we keep this foolish divisiveness up, be prepared to start addressing me as ze/zir.

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