WATCH: The Office actor debuts new name in order to protest climate change

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WATCH: The Office actor debuts new name in order to protest climate change

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The actor famous for playing Dwight Schrute in the hit comedy series The Office announced Wednesday that he has changed his name in an act to protest climate change in the Arctic.

“Rainnfall Heatwave Rising Sea Levels and we have to do something about it now Wilson” is urging other celebrities to follow suit in order to bring awareness to the melting ice caps.


“This is not a joke, I’m as serious as the melting Arctic, which amplifies global risks including extreme weather events around the globe. I’m hoping this name change brings attention to this growing … er, melting issue,” he said in a video posted to Twitter.

However, it doesn’t seem like Wilson is permanently making the switch. According to the actor, it’s a “cheap little stunt” designed to bring awareness to the issue. He said the change is being made on “Twitter, Instagram, and even on my fancy writing paper.”

Wilson advised others to go to the “arctic risk name changer, which is going to be a game changer.”

He offered a few examples of other celebrity name changes, including “Jack Black Carbon is Killing Us,” “Amy Poehler Bears are Endangered,” and “Harrison Why Not Drive an Electric? Ford.”

In a follow-up tweet, he claimed “P.S. THEY WON’T LET ME CHANGE MY NAME BECAUSE, ELON!”

According to him, the name changes are necessary to influence “world leaders at COP27 to take notice and take action” on climate change.

COP27 is the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s 27th Conference of the Parties, which is currently being held in Egypt. President Joe Biden will attend the conference on Friday, where he is expected to tout U.S. efforts to decarbonize various sectors of its economy.


Wilson has expressed his concern about the issue before and explained that he thinks his former character would be an activist.

“I think Dwight, with a connection to his character ‘Recyclops’ and his knowledge as a farmer, would come around to becoming some kind of climate change activist. At least, that’s what I would hope for him as a character,” he said during a 2020 interview, in reference to his famous character.

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