WATCH: Pence bursts into laughter when asked about joining Trump’s 2024 ticket

Mike Pence on Fox News Sunday

WATCH: Pence bursts into laughter when asked about joining Trump’s 2024 ticket

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Former Vice President Mike Pence laughed off the possibility of becoming former President Donald Trump’s running mate a second time.

Pence appeared Sunday for an interview with Shannon Bream of Fox News Sunday when she asked him about a Trump/Pence ticket, to which he responded by bursting into laughter. The former vice president has released a book on his term with Trump where he expresses his disapproval of how the president handled the 2020 election. During his media tours promoting the book, Pence has refused to commit to endorsing Trump for president in 2024.

“Anything can happen in politics,” Bream responded to Pence’s laughter.


Mike Pence on Fox News Sunday

“Almost anything can happen,” Pence clarified. “But I will tell you, we’ll sort out what our role, our calling is, but you know me well enough to know we’re going to pray all the way through it and we’ll go where we’re called.”

Bream also discussed Pence’s book at length during the interview, implying that it seemed like the first step of a presidential campaign of his own. She asked the former vice president when he will make a decision about whether to run against his old boss.

“Ronald Reagan said one time the American people have a funny way of letting you know if they want you to run for president,” Pence said. “I’ve been traveling this country over the last two years, we’ve gotten a lot of encouragement from people. I truly do believe that the American people want to get back to the policies of the Trump/Pence administration: less taxes, less regulation, more American energy, secure borders, a strong military, standing tall in the world, standing with allies, standing up to enemies. They want to have judges who will defend our liberties at time when many liberties are under assault everyday.”

Pence hinted that his decision could be made as soon as after the holidays, as he will take time to deliberate with his wife and three children, as it will be their first holiday in three years together due to his son and son-in-law’s military service.


A November Zogby poll of Republican voters, showed support for Pence for president at 8.2% compared to Trump at 46.8%. When respondents were asked who they’d vote for should Trump not be in the running, 21% chose Pence, but over 48% chose Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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