WATCH: House Republican optimistic about future of the GOP despite stark differences

As Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) follows former Ohio Rep. Bill Johnson in departing from Congress, it’s putting a strain on the GOP at large. Can they maintain the House majority? Will the party be able to unite despite its stark differences?

The Washington Examiner’s Natasha Sweatte asked Rep. Marc Molinaro (R-NY) for his thoughts on the recent GOP leadership conference retreat in West Virginia and whether it brought the party together. While he was unable to attend due to family obligations, he said he was optimistic about the future of the party.


“We are a very diverse conference ideologically and geographically,” Molinaro explained. “And so it takes a lot to get us to full agreement. And I think that that’s something that, by the way, is very special about democracy. We’re not all supposed to nod in agreement; we’re supposed to argue our way to agreement. I’m hopeful that any of these chances to be together will produce better outcomes.”

There have been moments of division among Republicans more aligned with what the party used to be and those who support previously political outsiders such as former President Donald Trump. Though there are differences, Molinaro believes there is more to bring the party together than to tear it apart.

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