WATCH: Fox News guest begs Donald Trump not to run again in 2024

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WATCH: Fox News guest begs Donald Trump not to run again in 2024

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Conservative commentator Michele Tafoya did not mince words when dunking on former President Donald Trump’s speculated 2024 debut in the aftermath of the expected red wave manifesting as a lackluster pink ripple Tuesday night.

Tafoya, a former sports reporter who has since dabbled in conservative punditry, contended that the lackluster GOP midterm results had a clear message for Trump: Don’t run again. She joins a growing conservative revolt against the former GOP president.


“There’s no question, but some of the Trump candidates really struggled, and some of it had to do with the election denialism. I wrote an open letter to Donald Trump this morning … It says, ‘Please, Mr. President, don’t run again,'” Tafoya said.

Tafoya appeared to be joined by Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, who argued that many voters were pleased with Trump’s policies but that his “personality and his ego get in the way.” Montgomery also juxtaposed the lackluster GOP performance broadly with Gov. Ron DeSantis’s strong showing in Florida, giving a nod to some conservatives rallying behind him as an alternative to Trump.

Co-host Kayleigh McEnany, Trump’s former White House press secretary, argued it was “simplistic” to blame a single person and promoted unity within the GOP.

“We’re about to win the house, Florida became red, and Ohio. Those are victories, and we should not minimalize that in any way, shape, or form. Certainly, it should have been better for Republicans — there should have been a red wave, there wasn’t,” McEnany said.

“We’ve got to be smart. Let’s not have infighting in our party. I would like to see us get back to Reagan’s 11th commandment: Thou shalt not attack a fellow Republican. We are all on the same team,” she added.

Tafoya took note of McEnany’s ties to Trump. McEnany served as press secretary in the Trump White House.

Numerous conservative publications, such as the New York Post editorial board, hailed DeSantis as an alternative to Trump following the midterm elections. In the face of some GOP uproar, Trump is moving ahead with his “very big announcement” on Nov. 15, which many have speculated will unveil his 2024 bid.

“The media, the corporate elites, and political establishment has all moved in unison against Donald Trump at their own peril. It’s like they want to recreate 2015-2016. Let them. We are doing it again. Buckle up,” a senior Trump adviser said, per NBC reporter Marc Caputo.


Tafoya also raised abortion as a damper on Republican prospects in the midterm elections, arguing that while there was legitimacy to the legal justification for overturning Roe v. Wade, many Republicans dug their heels in too hard on that issue.

“I live in Minnesota. The gubernatorial race came down to just attacking the Republican because he had said he wants to ban abortion. Take that word out of this,” she said. “When you start telling me that you want to ban abortion, you are now alienating a big chunk of conservatives who would otherwise vote for you.”

Republicans appear poised to reclaim the House by a smaller margin than pollsters predicted.

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