WATCH: Fox correspondent wounded in Ukraine gives update on health

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WATCH: Fox correspondent wounded in Ukraine gives update on health

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Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall said he is “doing very well now” in a video message shown at Fox Nation’s Patriot Awards.

Hall was wounded in March while reporting on the war in Ukraine, and the story of his wounds and recovery earned him the Courage Award at the ceremony.


“I wish I could be there in person to pick it up, but I can’t yet. I am doing very well now,” he said. “I’m walking a lot better. I’m seeing better. My injuries are getting better, and that is all thanks to the people who came to save me. It’s thanks to the people who put me back together.”

“The doctors, the nurses, the airmen, the soldiers who all in some sense risked their own lives to save me,” he said.

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“So, I want to lift this award to them, I want to lift his award to them, to all of us, and to everyone who is doing the same sort of things out there. Thank you all. I’ll see you soon,” he concluded.

Cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshynova, who worked with Hall on reporting the Russian invasion, were both killed in Ukraine and received recognition at Thursday’s Committee to Protect Journalists’ International Press Freedom Awards, according to a report.

Hall’s injuries saw him lose half a leg and the foot on his other leg, use of an eye and an ear, and use of his left hand, as well as sustain severe burns.

“When I was bombed in that car, the second bomb headed to the front of the car, and I zoned out for nine seconds,” he said.


“Everything went black. I couldn’t move, couldn’t see or hear anything. The one thing that told me to get out of that car was the children and Alicia. ‘Get up. Open your eyes. Get out of the car.’ I got out of the car just a few seconds before the third bomb hit the car itself. Those were the ones that gave the damages. But it’s because of them that I survived. Because of them that I’m here. Because of them that I’m doing so well. And it’s because of them that I’m moving forward,” he said.

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