WATCH: CNN anchors exasperated with Jeopardy! controversies

CNN This Morning with Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow, and Kaitlan Collins

WATCH: CNN anchors exasperated with Jeopardy! controversies

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CNN anchors Poppy Harlow, Kaitlan Collins, and Don Lemon reacted to the recent controversies within the Jeopardy! game show.

The newscasters reported on criticism that has surrounded the trivia series, including references to Gabby Petito and Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. Most recently, Wednesday’s game involved a biblical question.

“Paul’s letter to them is the New Testament epistle with the most Old Testament quotations,” the hint read. When Amy Schneider gave the correct response of “Who are the Hebrews?” host Ken Jennings said: “Yes, Jewish followers of Christianity, so, of course, Paul quoted the Old Testament.”


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“The response ‘Who are the Hebrews?’ was deemed correct, but is it actually? That is still the subject of pretty heated debate among biblical scholars. Some believe the right answer might actually be ‘Who are the Romans?'” Collins said. “This isn’t the first time, though, a Jeopardy clue has been criticized, not even this past week. An episode of Celebrity Jeopardy on Sunday featured a clue about the 2021 murder of Gabby Petito.”

A clip showed the hint that referred to Brian Laundrie’s final days in an area known to a certain type of animal, which the answer was, “What are alligators?”

“What?” Lemon said following the clip. Collins pointed to an outraged tweet that called the moment “insensitive, tasteless, wrong.”

Then, the network played another clip from earlier this month in to which, despite the seemingly easy hint, no answer was given.

“She’s the first black woman on the Supreme Court and the first justice to have been a federal public defender,” Jennings read to three contestants. “That’s Justice Jackson. Ketanji Brown Jackson.”

“I don’t think that’s that surprising, I will say,” Collins said.

“These are smart people, though,” Lemon retorted.

“She was just confirmed. It’s been in the news,” Harlow said, agreeing with Lemon.

“If you’re standing outside of a mall or whatever and people may not know,” Lemon said. “But when you’re smart enough to be a contestant on Jeopardy…”

“You’ve got to know about current events, too, and history-making ones,” Harlow finished.


Notably, one of the contestants, Schneider, who attained the second-longest winning streak in the game show’s history, visited the White House on Trans Visibility Day this year, which came only a week after Jackson’s confirmation hearings had wrapped up. Jackson would go on to be confirmed a week after Schneider’s visit.

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