WATCH: Chinese protesters met with force by police over COVID-19 restrictions

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Chinese police officers block off access to a site where protesters had gathered in Shanghai on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022. Protests against China’s strict “zero-COVID” policies resurfaced in Shanghai and Beijing on Sunday afternoon, continuing a round of demonstrations that have spread across the country since a deadly apartment fire in the northwestern city of Urumqi led to questions over such rigid anti-virus measures. (AP Photo) AP

WATCH: Chinese protesters met with force by police over COVID-19 restrictions

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Video of various protests across China took social media by storm on Saturday and Sunday.

Protests seemed to have begun in the form of a vigil in Urumqi, China, after 10 people died in a high-rise building fire. Some protesters allege that the deaths came as a result of the building being partially locked down during a peak in COVID-19 cases nationwide.

Urumqi city officials denied that the lockdown resulted in the 10 deaths during a Saturday press conference. After seeing its streets filled with protesters, however, officials also promised to categorize “low risk” neighborhoods and repeal their restrictions “in stages.”


Reporter Emily Feng captured footage of protesters clashing with police in Urumqi. Chants of “let them go” were heard, possibly in reference to those in lockdown or fellow protesters who had been arrested. Chinese President Xi Jinping implemented a “zero COVID policy” that included mass testing and strict lockdowns for those who test positive.

Another reporter, Paul Mozur, pointed to a protester in Urumqi that was seen watching the World Cup midprotest.

“Protests are spreading across China over zero Covid. Doesn’t help people turn on the TV and see a football event taking place without masks or men in hazmat suits,” Mozur captioned the video.

Protests spread beyond Urumqi, with people swarming the streets of Shanghai, Beijing, and other cities. Protesters yelled chants that included “Down with the Chinese Communist Party,” “Step down, Xi,” and “We want freedom.”

Eventually, police were seen confronting protesters in these various cities. Officers were seen assaulting protesters and throwing them into vans.

Tsinghua University also saw protesters carrying the movement’s signature blank white paper. Protesters hold up the paper in silence to show their solidarity to end the zero COVID-19 policy. The university is considered one of the country’s most elite because it is Xi’s alma mater.


There were 27,357 cases reported nationally on Saturday, according to the National Health Commission, and zero deaths.

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