Voters agree: ‘Biden’s mental decline is real’

President Joe Biden‘s awkward appearance at Monday night’s Juneteenth jive at the White House may help reinforce new polling on the concerns voters have that he is in swift decline.

Standing stiffly in a lineup of aides and key black leaders clapping and dancing to music on the South Lawn, Biden demonstrated what Rasmussen Reports found in its latest polling of likely voters.

“Most Voters Think Biden’s Mental Decline Is Real,” the outlet headlined in its latest survey.

Biden’s health is increasingly being charted by social media accounts capturing his slurring speech and frequent fumbles of fact. The latest trend has been to compare his speeches from a few years ago to today.

In its poll, Rasmussen found that 57% believe Biden is losing his mental edge. Even a third of Democrats agreed that “President Joe Biden is getting less and less mentally sharp,” as did half of Hispanic and black voters.

The liberal media have refused to show Biden’s decline, even when they have the evidence and video as they did from Monday night’s event.


Rasmussen said many voters believe the media are in cahoots with the White House and Democratic Party to cover for Biden as he enters his reelection campaign.

The pollster said 60% believe the “news media are helping cover up evidence of President Biden’s declining mental sharpness.” As with the other question, 37% of Democrats and larger majorities of black and Hispanic voters agreed.

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