Voters, 2-1, want America fixed before funding Ukraine’s defense

If Americans could have it all, they’d be eager to fund Ukraines defense in its war with Russia and fix “our country” and porous border.

But with the budget deficit under President Joe Biden at a record high, likely voters want America’s problems addressed before any more money goes to Ukraine, which is in a battlefield stalemate with the Kremlin.

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey shared with Secrets on Wednesday, 67% chose fixing “our country” first to just 29% who chose “devoting more resources to Ukraine” over the United States.

The new poll was set up as a border-versus-Ukraine series of questions that echoes the debate in Washington between Republicans eager to address the border crisis before funding Ukraine.

The results found that people remain eager to help Ukraine. For example, 64% said it is important for the U.S. to send arms to Ukraine. Democrats are especially ready to help Ukraine by a margin of 81% to just 50% of Republicans who feel the same way.

Both sides are also very supportive of securing America’s borders, 87%-10%. That included 82% of Democrats and 96% of Republicans.

But when Rasmussen asked, “Do you agree or disagree with this statement: ‘We must fix our country before devoting more resources to Ukraine,’” the partisan division became apparent.

Among Republicans, 84% agreed with “our country” to 14% who disagreed. Among Democrats, 54% agreed, and 44% disagreed.


The division has been on display in the House and Senate over the past month. When presented with legislation that funds both, many Republicans have aired opposition, claiming not enough was being devoted to border security.

Plans so far linking border security to funding for Ukraine and Israel have failed despite pleas from Biden.

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