Virginia-based tech company fined $38,000 by DOJ for ‘whites only’ job posting

An information technology company headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia, must pay more than $38,000 in fines for a job posting seeking only to hire white U.S. citizens

The job posting was made on Indeed by Arthur Grand Technologies Inc. in March 2023. 

An archive of the post reveals that the information technology services firm wanted “Only Born US Citizens [White] who are local within 60 miles from Dallas, TX.” 

The job posting sparked outrage on social media, and an investigation by the Department of Justice began just a couple of months later in May.  

“It is shameful that in the 21st century, we continue to see employers using ‘whites only’ and ‘only US born’ job postings to lock out otherwise eligible job candidates of color,” Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke with the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division said in the release.

The company must pay a $7,500 civil penalty to the Treasury Department and $31,000 to people who filed federal complaints about the job posting.

The company’s CEO, Sheik Rahmathullah, told CNN that the post was made by a disgruntled employee.

“This unauthorized posting was made by an upset employee on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) from their personal email address and account,” Rahmathullah said in an email to the outlet. “Upon discovering this, we took immediate and decisive action to ensure that this type of incident will never happen again, including the immediate termination of the responsible employee.”

The employee had allegedly taken an existing job posting and added discriminatory language to it before reposting it from their own personal account. 


The DOJ found that a recruiter working for Arthur Grand’s subsidiary in India had made the job posting. 

Arthur Grand will also be required to provide workplace training on federal discrimination laws and be subjected to DOJ monitoring.

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