Is the GOP’s path to Senate control really all about inflation?


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Is the GOP’s path to Senate control really all about inflation?

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On the latest edition of our new original series, Straight Up with Tiana Lowe, the Washington Examiner commentator sits down with commentary editor Conn Carroll to map out the Republican Party’s path to taking back Senate control from President Biden and the Democrats. Although Kamala Harris currently serves as the chamber’s swing vote, the GOP must pick up just one net extra seat in the battlegrounds of Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia. Tiana makes the case that inflation will prove the deciding issue of the midterms, while Conn argues that the nation’s first uptick in violent crime in decades will define the election.

Straight Up with Tiana Lowe is a weekly original found exclusively at the Washington Examiner. Each episode, Tiana will sit down with a Washington Examiner expert to debate, discuss, and most importantly, cut through the chaos of facts, figures, and fictions flooding the headlines to give you the news, straight up.

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