Venezuela no longer takes Biden seriously either

President Joe Biden’s foreign policy is so pathetic that even Venezuela knows it can tell him what he can and cannot do now.

Venezuela has decided that it will no longer allow the United States to ship its own citizens back. This follows the disruption of an agreement between the U.S. and Venezuela stating that the former would ease sanctions if the latter began holding fair elections. 

Once Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro banned his political opposition candidate from running against him earlier this month, the U.S. restored its sanctions on Venezuela. Maduro then responded by refusing to take back U.S. flights containing deported Venezuelan illegal immigrants. 

The number of Venezuelans attempting to enter the U.S. has always been significant, but in recent years, the number has spiked and broken records thanks to Biden’s open border policy. Venezuelans now comprise the largest group of foreign nationals flooding through America’s borders, surpassing even Mexico. 

Even more concerning is the fact that a report was released in 2022 revealing that many violent Venezuelan criminals known to have been imprisoned in Venezuela have been spotted traveling among the massive caravans of illegal immigrants crossing America’s southern border, the implication being that the Venezuelan government is knowingly emptying its prisons into the U.S.

Illegal immigrants from Venezuela have also been increasingly involved in high-profile crimes recently, putting them in the spotlight. The sanctuary city of Chicago has had an 11,333% increase in arrests of illegal immigrants from Venezuela since the border crisis began in 2021. 

The sanctuary city of New York has become a hotbed for related crimes. A miniature crime ring of seven illegal immigrants staying in a taxpayer-funded facility pulled off grand larceny 62 times before it was busted. Several Venezuelans ganged up on and beat up two officers from the New York Police Department, two of them having been identified as members of a Venezuelan gang. A Venezuelan teenager shot another officer in Times Square. 

Maduro only has the audacity to challenge the U.S. over this border problem because Biden is the president he has to deal with. And due to Biden’s awful foreign policy record throughout his term, he knows he can get away with it too. 

Biden (and the U.S. by proxy) looks cowardly and incompetent on the world stage. His sloppy evacuation of Afghanistan handed our Afghan allies right into the hands of the bloodthirsty Taliban. China took this as a sign to begin building up its military and pressuring Taiwan. Russia took this as a sign to invade Ukraine. 


To top it off, hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin displayed acute political and historical acumen, Biden proceeded to make a fool of himself onstage by denying the report from special counsel Robert Hur on his declining mental state by confidently mixing up the presidents of Mexico and Egypt

If Biden gets reelected at the end of the year, the disrespectful behavior from other nations such as Venezuela will only increase, along with international tensions and exploitment. 

Parker Miller is a 2024 Washington Examiner Winter Fellow.

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