Uvalde police pander to gun control advocates to justify their cowardice

Texas Shooting Police Timeline
FILE – In this photo from surveillance video provided by the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District via the Austin American-Statesman, authorities stage in a hallway as they respond to the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, May 24, 2022. (Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District/Austin American-Statesman via AP, File) AP

Uvalde police pander to gun control advocates to justify their cowardice

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The cowards in the Uvalde Police Department that allowed a shooter to rampage inside a school for an hour before responding decided to peddle liberal gun control talking points to excuse their spinelessness.

Uvalde Police Department Sgt. Donald Page told investigators that they knew the weapon that the shooter had “was definitely an AR” and, therefore, “There was no way of going in. … We had no choice but to wait and try to get something that had better coverage where we could actually stand up to him.” One officer called it a “battle rifle.” The Texas Tribune, of course, ate this up, declaring that “The AR-15 was designed to efficiently kill humans.”


Utter nonsense. The AR-15 is no more lethal than any other semiautomatic gun, whether that be a rifle or a handgun. It isn’t even more powerful than most semi-automatic hunting rifles (which is all the AR-15 is). The Texas Tribune piece talks about how AR-15s supposedly exploded the heads of Viet Cong soldiers, matching the fabulist story that NPR peddled about AR-15s taking a Viet Cong soldier’s head “completely off.”

The AR-15 does not have some magic ability compared to other guns that allow it to cut through body armor and ballistic shields, as liberal media and the Uvalde police officers claim. And the Uvalde officers had both. Officers had four ballistic shields during their standoffs, according to law enforcement transcripts, with the first one arriving nearly an hour before they stormed the classroom and the fourth arriving 30 minutes before they went in. The Uvalde Police Department even had rifles of their own.

How ridiculous is this notion that police officers, with top-notch protective equipment and firepower, were justified in cowering in fear while they allowed a deranged shooter to execute children? Just days after the Uvalde shooting, it was reported in West Virginia that a woman shot and killed a shooter wielding an “AR-15-style” weapon, saving several lives. A few months later, a 22-year-old man in Indiana did the same, ending an active shooter threat at a mall in Indiana and saving several lives.


Both heroes were armed with “only” handguns. Neither had any sort of body armor, and they certainly had no ballistic shields. They didn’t have extensive police training or strength in numbers. They didn’t need to wait for a SWAT team. Are we supposed to believe that a small army of police officers was incapable of doing the same?

Either Uvalde police officers were severely misinformed by liberal media talking points about how the AR-15 was a “weapon of war,” or they are cravenly exploiting the gun control movement to clear themselves of blame for refusing to do their jobs. It is an utterly despicable display either way, as is the media push to absolve the officers in their obsessive push to promote gun control.

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