Utah’s lieutenant governor gets heat online for lauding Russian protest that led to communism

Lieutenant Gov. Deidre Henderson (R-UT) came under fire for an X post on Friday that highlighted a historic Russian protest in a botched attempt to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Henderson posted a photo of a group of women from March 8, 1917, holding up Russian signs and banners in protest. The protest would lead to further demonstrations that ultimately resulted in a Civil War between the protesters, which would come to be commanded by the socialist Bolsheviks, and the Russian government.

“On this day in 1917, tens of thousands of Russian women gathered in Petrograd (Saint Petersburg) to protest terrible working conditions and the high price of bread,” Henderson captioned the photo. “A few days later, Tsar Nicholas II abdicated his throne and Russia was in full Revolution.”

Henderson did not mention that after Nicholas abdicated the throne to his brother Michael, who refused the title, Nicholas, along with his wife and five children, would be assassinated in their home after fleeing St. Petersburg. Millions more would die in the resulting conflict, which many X users pointed out in the comments of Henderson’s post.

“’Republican‘ celebrating the Bolsheviks? Interesting,” talk show host Jesse Hughes wrote.

“Bolsheviks like Deidre are alive and well in the Republican Party,” radio host David Reilly wrote. “They’re here in Idaho too. You can tell who they are because they spend all day accusing their opponents of ‘extremism,’ ‘racism,’ and ‘anti-semitism.’ Big Red Flag. You’ve been warned.”

“Baseline request for GOP officials: don’t endorse Bolshevik revolution,” user Nate Fischer wrote.


The Utah governor’s office did not return the Washington Examiner’s request for comment.

International Women’s Day is a holiday that has its roots in celebrating women’s suffrage and political activism. The February Revolution is featured as a highlight of the holiday’s history on its website.

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