Trump should focus less on DeSantis and more on Biden

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Trump should focus less on DeSantis and more on Biden

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Despite nearly every one of his supporters’ claims to the contrary, former President Donald Trump seems obsessed with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. It comes across as if Trump fears DeSantis’s candidacy, again, despite nearly every one of Trump’s supporters’ comments to the contrary.

But when President Joe Biden looks physically weak, the country is arguably in sociocultural decline, and there’s a major immigrant crisis at the border, among other things, Trump seems more focused on DeSantis than Biden.


Consider the numerous recent press releases from Trump’s Make America Great Again PAC. Nearly every single one has to do with DeSantis. On June 5, a press release was published titled, “Poll: Donald Trump leads Ron DeSantis in Florida, 53% to 33%.” Another one was titled, “DeSantis loses support post-launch, Trump adds 13 points in head-to-head.”

A post from June 2 was “There’s not much interest in Ron DeSantis” — despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. For starters, numerous popular right-wing pundits, including Riley Gaines, the former collegiate swimmer who has been speaking out against transgender athletes in sports, have publicly declared their support for the Florida governor. Moreover, if there isn’t “much interest in Ron DeSantis,” why is Trump spending so much time and effort attacking him? It’s illogical, to say the least.

So it’s clear Trump and his campaign view DeSantis as a political threat. That’s understandable. However, Trump has seemingly forgotten that he is running for president of the United States.

DeSantis isn’t president; Joe Biden is. Trump should be spending more time convincing the voting population that he is a better option for president than Biden — something Trump failed to do in 2020.


A divide-and-conquer strategy focused solely on the primary will not deliver the 2024 presidential victory Trump desires. Given all the polls available, much of the non-Republican population in the country does not view Trump favorably, and he has to convince many of them to vote for him.

And, given that Trump has yet to win a popular vote in a presidential election, spending all this time, energy, and resources in vilifying DeSantis is doing nothing to win over the voters who will ultimately choose the country’s next president. Biden is the root of all the issues that plague the country, not DeSantis.

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