Trump request to be Libertarian nominee shot down while RFK Jr. gets chance to compete

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr qualified to be voted on for the Libertarian Party’s nomination Sunday. 

Former President Donald Trump was nominated by New Mexico Delegate Brian Poetter, but did not qualify as he is not a member of the Libertarian Party, spokeswoman Jennifer Haubein told the Washington Examiner. Trump attended the convention Saturday, but was met with a mixed reaction from the crowd. 

Pennsylvania Delegate Nathan Romig and Hector Roos, a delegate from Florida, nominated Kennedy, who reportedly accepted the nomination. Votes will take place later Sunday for who will be the party’s official nominee for president. Some other notable nominees include Libertarians Chase Oliver, Mike Ter Maat, and Michael Rectenwald.

At the convention, one point of order was raised that Kennedy would not be permitted to run as a Libertarian because he did not sign a statement that he was going to seek the nomination as a condition of being a speaker at the event. However, after some back and forth, the party moved forward with allowing Kennedy to be considered.

Nicole Shanahan, Kennedy’s pick for vice president, was in attendance at the convention.


Trump asked to receive the Libertarian nomination during his speech in front of the third party Saturday night, however, his request was mostly met with booing and jeers from members of the Libertarian party.

“If he thinks he’s going to win our party’s nomination, he’s more delusional than I thought,” Libertarian Party presidential contender Chase Oliver said following Trump’s remarks. “… If Donald Trump thinks that he can come in here in our house and earn our nomination, he’s got another thing coming.”

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