Trump lawyer announces plans to sue to block Jan. 6 subpoena

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Trump lawyer announces plans to sue to block Jan. 6 subpoena

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Former President Donald Trump’s attorney announced plans to sue to block a subpoena from the January 6 Committee.

David A. Warrington of the Dhillon Law Group announced the plans in a statement obtained by Politico. Cheney also obtained the full 41-page lawsuit, which argues that Trump attempted to engage with the committee in “good faith,” but that their partisanship has overstepped their bounds.

“Long-held precedent and practice maintain that separation of powers prohibits Congress from compelling a President to testify before it,” Warrington’s statement reads. “This partisan Committee insists on pursuing a legal path, leaving president Trump with no choice but to involve the third branch, the judicial branch, in this dispute between the executive and legislative branches.”

Warrington goes on the claim that Trump has the backing of both parties, as he is urging the separation of powers.

“President Trump joins Presidents of both parties in insisting that the legislative branch honor the boundaries set forth in the Constitution, instead of catering to base partisan impulses,” he added.

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