Trump indictment: Trump attorney says it proves ‘he is the biggest threat to the corrupt political system’

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Trump indictment: Trump attorney says it proves ‘he is the biggest threat to the corrupt political system’

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Former President Donald Trump’s attorney Alina Habba is speaking out against the latest indictment brought against him, comparing the set of charges to the moves of a developing country.

On Thursday, special counsel Jack Smith, who was handpicked by Attorney General Merrick Garland, brought charges against Trump, alleging the mishandling of classified records at his Florida resort home of Mar-a-Lago.

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“There’s a two-tier system of justice that we are seeing right now,” Habba told Jesse Watters Primetime. “Hillary Clinton smashed a computer, got rid of emails, we had recordings in sock drawers. We have Obama and Biden, who are hiding things. Biden still has things in Chinatown in his home with his son who is a drug addict. And nothing happens to these people.”

“So when your name is Donald Trump, when you’re leading in the polls, you are going to get hit hard. You are going to get indicted until you can’t take it anymore,” Habba said. “They picked the wrong guy, and I think that’s why he is so ahead in the polls, and that’s why he will probably win.”

Habba noted that the indictment came from a one-sided presentation of evidence and said the Trump team would now bring its evidence. She also said Trump would be vindicated.

“He is the biggest threat to the corrupt, political system we have, to the corrupt justice system that we have, the Department of Justice that we have,” Habba said.

“They are afraid because Donald Trump doesn’t need anyone. The only way that they can protect themselves at this point, the Comeys of the world, the Bidens of the world, is by making sure he has no voice and that the American people have no voice,” the attorney said, speaking of the Left. “And that is what they are doing. They are taking away the American people’s right to go into a ballot box and decide fair and square who they want to clean up the mess that has become America.”

Trump took to Truth Social in response to the indictment, saying it shows “we’re a nation in decline.”

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“They go after a popular president,” Trump said in a video post, referencing himself. “They go after him on a boxes hoax. Just like the Russia Russia Russia hoax. It’s election interference at the highest level.”


“I’m an innocent man. I’m an innocent person,” the former president said.

Trump faces an indictment of seven counts, though the details of the charges have not been made clear. The former president was summoned to appear at the federal courthouse in Miami on Tuesday at 3 p.m.

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