Trump counters Biden proposal with four debates instead of two

Former President Donald Trump is challenging President Joe Biden‘s proposal to have two debates this election year instead of the usual three. Trump is asking for four. 

“We believe there should be more than just two opportunities for the American people to hear more from the candidates themselves,” a statement from the Trump campaign said. 

Trump’s campaign laid out the topics he hopes to discuss in the additional debates, such as “soaring inflation of Bidenomics,” “our border being totally overrun,” and “chaos at home, chaos across the world, chaos on our college campuses.”

The Trump campaign then challenged Biden to debate an additional two more times than what is scheduled. It called for one debate per month from June to September.

“We propose a debate in June, a debate in July, a debate in August, and a debate in September, in addition to the Vice Presidential debate. Additional dates will allow voters to have maximum exposure to the records and future visions of each candidate,” it said.

On Wednesday, Biden and Trump agreed to two debates ahead of the November election. The first will take place on June 27 on CNN. The second will take place on Sept. 10 on ABC News. Trump has now proposed a third in a post on Truth Social, to take place on Oct. 2 with Fox News.


Top presidential candidates have debated each other in each election cycle since 1976. Biden and Trump, however, will not debate under the Commission on Presidential Debates, which has facilitated the debates since 1988. Biden’s campaign said the commission’s rules were “out of step with changes in the structure of our elections and the interests of voters.”

During this year’s prolonged campaign cycle, Trump has repeatedly said he would debate Biden “ANY TIME! ANYWHERE! ANY PLACE!”

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