There is no difference between Kari Lake and Stacey Abrams

Election 2022 Arizona
Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake speaks to supporters at a campaign event in Queen Creek, Ariz., Oct. 5, 2022. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

There is no difference between Kari Lake and Stacey Abrams

Other than the party label that both candidates ran under, there is practically no difference between Arizona Republican Kari Lake and Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams. Anyone who insists that there is some real difference between the two is a hopeless partisan.

My colleague David Freddoso already ran through several of the similarities between Lake’s response to losing the gubernatorial race in Arizona and Abrams’s handling of her loss in the gubernatorial race in Georgia four years ago. Both Lake and Abrams ran for governor against the incumbent secretary of state (Democrat Katie Hobbs in Arizona and Republican Brian Kemp in Georgia, respectively). Both accused their opponents of rigging the election in their favor, and both insisted afterward that they were the true winners.


Most importantly, neither Lake nor Abrams have any real evidence to back up their claims. Just as Abrams made grand claims of voting lines and widespread voter suppression, Lake has made grand claims about voting lines and widespread voter fraud. Lake has filed a lawsuit that will do nothing but keep her name in the news, just as Abrams did after her loss.

And, of course, both lost their races in embarrassing fashion. Abrams was a much-hyped Democrat who was supposed to turn Georgia blue. She went on to lose by nearly 55,000 votes, well outside the state’s recount margin. Lake lost by a more respectable 17,000 votes, but she lost to a horrible candidate in Hobbs, and she managed to do so while other Arizona Republicans, such as Treasurer Kimberly Yee, won statewide on the same ballot. Yee managed to get more votes in the treasurer race than either Lake or Hobbs did at the top of the ballot.

Both Lake and Abrams are losers who had a lot of hype from partisans in their own parties. They are both sore losers who can’t understand that voters just didn’t like them. Like children, they are banging their hands on the table and whining that everyone cheated and they are the real winners. And yet, Lake is still doing rounds in right-wing media without being laughed out of interviews, just as Abrams became a cult hero to Democrats and establishment media outlets over her four-year tantrum in Georgia.


If Lake is a threat to democracy, as many in establishment media set her up to be before she even lost, then so is Abrams. And if Abrams is a whiny, media-obsessed loser, as conservative media rightly labeled her, then so is Lake. Lake may as well be the creation of a social experiment designed to document how partisans delude themselves into thinking that “it’s different when we do it.” Any pundit or journalist who does not acknowledge this isn’t worth listening to.

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