The Washington Post can’t stop shilling for TikTok

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The Washington Post can’t stop shilling for TikTok

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TikTok’s efforts to avoid being banned are not looking so good, no matter how much the Washington Post campaigns in favor of the app.

A Washington Postanalysis” painted the attempt to ban TikTok as an effort by older Americans to wield their disproportionate power against younger Americans. The fight is a “reflection of the fact that political power is wielded by a group that generally doesn’t use the platform” and “a microcosm of so many other fights” where older Americans make decisions on a future that won’t “affect” them.


The obvious implication here is that the fight over TikTok is just like the fight over climate change. Just as the climate cult claims that old people are killing the planet and ruining the future for young people, they now claim that old people are banning TikTok and, again, ruining the future for young people.

This Washington Post “analysis” then jumps into polling data and determines (like CNN before it) that this is all a ploy by Republicans to score political points.

“One rationale is not hard to suss out,” the piece claims. “Attacking TikTok as somehow serving as an arm of the Chinese state (a theoretical claim denied by the company) allows the Right to cast President Biden and Democrats as unwilling to protect national security.”

That “theoretical claim” is reality, though, no matter how many times TikTok tries to deny it. The app is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company that vowed in 2018 to “further deepen cooperation” with the Chinese Communist Party. Even if the company hadn’t made that vow, it is effectively an arm of the CCP because the company cannot legally refuse to share data with the Chinese government.

So why is the Washington Post so far in the tank for a Chinese spyware app that has admitted to tracking the physical locations of American journalists and been caught logging every keystroke of users who have the app on their phone? Part of it is that the Washington Post uses TikTok to try and reach young readers, and hit one million followers in August 2021. The outlet also has its own “TikTok team.”

Another issue is that the Washington Post has accepted money from TikTok for advertising, meaning that the outlet is leaning on the app directly and indirectly.


Despite this, there is growing bipartisan agreement that the app should be banned. Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) is now one of the only useful idiots in Congress willing to defend the Chinese spyware. Democrats were late to the party, but most of them have finally arrived, recognizing that letting Chinese spyware collect much more information about users than any other social media app and funneling that to the Chinese communists is something the U.S. should step in and stop.

Frantic establishment media outlets won’t let it go without a fight, though. They think the app gives them access to a young audience that doesn’t read newspapers, and therefore they have no problem with the Chinese government gaining access to the phones of 150 million Americans. But one’s integrity is a high price to pay for a few more eyeballs.

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