The View hosts question whether Robert De Niro ‘moved the needle’ for the Biden campaign

ABC’s The View debated whether actor Robert De Niro’s appearance outside the courthouse of former President Donald Trump‘s criminal trial on Tuesday in New York had an impact on President Joe Biden‘s presidential campaign.

The Oscar-winning actor, known for his roles in The Godfather and Taxi Driver, made an appearance outside the Trump trial on behalf of the Biden campaign, saying Trump “should not be allowed … listen: He cannot be president of the United States again, never, ever.”

Host Whoopi Goldberg posed a question to the hosts on Wednesday, asking, “Will a message like this outside the courthouse be effective coming from Biden surrogates like him and those police officers who had been attacked?”

“I hope so. … I love to hear Robert De Niro, one of the greatest actors of our time, say this is an existential crisis,” co-host Sunny Hostin said. “This is not the time, people, to sit this one out. This is not the time to do that, and he showed that.”

During his speech, De Niro faced off with Trump supporters who heckled him, calling him “washed up.” The actor was seen getting into a shouting match. Observers of the event had mixed reviews as to whether De Niro helped Biden’s campaign.

Co-host Joy Behar praised the 80-year-old actor’s speech outside the Trump trial.

“Don’t tell me he is a washed-up actor,” she said. “He could never be a ‘washed-up’ actor because he is a great actor, period.”

Co-host Sara Haines had a different take on De Niro’s comments.

“I don’t know if Robert De Niro was the best to swing people,” she said. “Whether someone that doesn’t feel the same way or is conservative…”

Behar interrupted, “Who would be better?”

“One of the surrogates,” Haines responded. “We talked about … where is Gavin Newsom? What’s the woman … Jasmine Crockett! Get some of these people that are voices of his policy because I think that contrast would work better.”

“I don’t agree,” Behar reacted. “I think a celebrity has a lot of power in this country.”

Behar added that Taylor Swift would be a good surrogate.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin chimed in, noting that actor Dennis Quaid did an interview on Tuesday announcing that he was voting for Trump.

“Dennis Quaid endorsed Trump,” Griffin said. “I don’t think that moves the needle. I don’t think Robert De Niro moves the needle.”

Hostin countered, “I think it does.”


The former president spoke outside the courthouse on Wednesday to react to De Niro’s appearance.

“They have a protest of Robert De Niro yesterday,” Trump said. “He’s a broken-down fool standing out there. He got MAGA’d. He got MAGA’d yesterday. He got a big dose of it.”

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