The transgender lobby is a massive and well-funded Leviathan

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The transgender lobby is a massive and well-funded Leviathan

In the 2020 election cycle, OpenSecrets data revealed that pro-transgender groups spent $6.9 million supporting Democratic candidates, and $1.8 million of that sum was given to Joe Biden. For over a decade, hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate and foundation funding have poured into the LGBTQ cause every year. The movement has used this money to amass power, influence policy, and infiltrate the government. The ubiquitous LGBTQ acronym should add another letter — “P,” for politics.

In January, the Biden administration announced support for medical intervention for minors to “change” their gender, citing research from the Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization focusing on transgender activism. IRS records show the AbbVie Foundation, a project of the biopharmaceutical company AbbVie, donated $50,000 to the Trevor Project. AbbVie manufactures Lupron, the puberty blocker most widely used on children in the early stages of transitioning.

So, the White House cited a study produced by a nonprofit organization that received thousands of dollars from companies that make drugs and medical products used in the gender transition process to argue in support of puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and sex-reassignment surgeries for children. The conflict of interest is obvious, but it’s only the tip of the trans-money-power iceberg.

Funders for Lesbian and Gay Issues is a nonprofit group that acts as the collaborative nexus of 75 foundations, corporations, and funding institutions. Collectively, it awards more than $1 billion annually. According to its 2018 tracking report, the latest year on file, the top 10 funders by total dollar amount are George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, Arcus Foundation, Ford Foundation, Mac AIDS Fund, and the Tides Foundation.

These organizations have deep ties to the Democratic Party and the liberal movement. Leaders are top donors to former President Barack Obama, the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, and President Joe Biden. These organizations have been characterized as critical pillars in the “Foundation-NGO complex,” from which most left-wing media, think tanks, and advocacy groups derive funding.

The advocates of transgenderism like to present themselves as scrappy underdogs, outgunned and fighting for the marginalized, but they are actually immensely well-funded with far-reaching political connections and influence. The pharmaceutical companies fund the foundations that support the Democrats who promote the transgender movement, which, in turn, creates demand for the drugs used in the transitioning sequence. It’s a vicious wheel that turns round and round; everybody gets rich and powerful, and nobody cares about the victims.

According to the New York Times, an increasing number of adolescents now identify as transgender — an estimated 300,000 from 13 to 17 — while at the same time, medical professionals have growing apprehensions about the detrimental consequences of puberty blockers and other drugs used to “treat” them. Yet, despite these medical concerns, the party of “science” continues to promote these life-altering, sterilizing drugs and even body-mutilating surgeries for minors.

Look at San Francisco. Rather than focusing on human feces, dire homelessness, open drug use, and crime rampant throughout the city, San Francisco Mayor London Breed launched a guaranteed income program for transgender residents to help with “financial security.” The program will provide low-income transgender residents with up to $1,200 a month for up to 18 months. At that rate, why wouldn’t you identify as transgender — and vote Democrat?

Last month, Biden invited a young man who went viral on TikTok during his transition into a “woman.” Not only did this visit encourage young children that being transgender could land you in the Oval Office, but Biden also took to the national stage to emphasize the importance of supporting young adolescents that want to mutilate their bodies.

Democrats have been and remain a well-oiled, funded, supported machine backed by an extreme, radical movement. So, it is no wonder Democrats refused to shy away from their radical, pro-mutilation agenda during the midterm election cycle. After all, their wallets — and their grip on power — depended on it.

Pedro L. Gonzalez is a senior fellow with the American Principles Project Foundation. Follow @emeriticus. This piece is adapted from his APP Foundation report, “The Transgender Leviathan.”

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