The People’s Democratic Republic of Twitter

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Following the firing of Twitter’s general counsel James Baker, the social media platform’s co-founder Jack Dorsey (left) called on current CEO Elon Musk (right) to release the entirety of the remaining “Twitter files,” Dec. 7, 2022. (AP Photos)

The People’s Democratic Republic of Twitter

It took $44 billion from Elon Musk to reveal the horrific left-wing authoritarianism of social media giant Twitter. It took $44 billion to show that everything Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and the executive team of Twitter publicly stated about censorship and limiting the reach of notable conservative Republican pundits was a complete lie. Dorsey and his accomplices never cared about our country’s most cherished liberties, nor did they care about protecting democracy. They secretly ran Twitter with a left-wing iron fist that more resembled the Soviet Union than the United States of America.


Instead, the social media giant should be called the People’s Democratic Republic of Twitter. It’s more appropriate of the deceptive actions they took to control, limit, regulate, and restrict communication. The People’s Democratic Republic of Twitter secretly manipulated what people could and could not read behind the scenes. It imposed a speech code that adhered to its woke morality instead of open transparency and communication.

Republican ideas and commentary were suppressed because Twitter’s politburo wanted to limit the reach of such messaging. Dorsey and his Bolshevik staff ensured that anything that disagreed with their radical left-wing core values would be restricted. And remember, this was a company run by a group of people who routinely stated they wanted to “protect our democracy.” It says a lot about how they define “democracy.”

This is a shining example of what happens when the Left controls communication. It is life imitating a George Orwell novel. It’s shocking, angering, frustrating, and unfair, but none of it should be surprising. This is how oppressive left-wing regimes behave in real life. They have always been that way and will always be that way.

Elon Musk has done yeoman’s work in exposing the authoritarian nature of Old Twitter. So, too, have journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss. If not for their work and Musk’s considerable financial resources, we would have never truly known the extent to which the People’s Democratic Republic of Twitter went to suppress conservative Republicans and their subsequent thoughts and beliefs.

Unfortunately, it’s indicative of a greater problem. The Left’s suppression tactics extend far beyond Twitter. We can’t rely on a billionaire to expose left-wing suppression and bias in our society every time it is suspected that companies engage in such deceitful acts. Either billionaires would become extinct, or a new billion-dollar industry of media acquisitions would develop if others followed Musk’s lead. The problem is, it shouldn’t come to that. There must be more pragmatic solutions to right these wrongs.


There are many parallels between Twitter’s suppression of opposing ideologies and viewpoints and the tactics used by the Soviet Union, North Koreans, and the Chinese Communist Party. The only difference was that instead of sending people to a real gulag, Twitter suspended people’s accounts. And, if there were ways to send people to gulag, given the company’s extreme actions to suppress opposing viewpoints, it’s not far-fetched to think the People’s Democratic Republic might have done that, too.

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