The Democrats have an age problem

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The Democrats have an age problem

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Whether it is Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) resuming her duties amid an internal Democratic rebellion against her just last month or the numerous times President Joe Biden has fallen off stairs or onstage, the Democrats have an age problem that they are conveniently willing to ignore.

Although Feinstein’s declining health and cognitive abilities have often been a topic of debate for members of Congress on the opposite aisle, it was indeed surprising to see members of her own party calling for her resignation. This took place while she was under care for shingles and other associated complications that have been reported to affect her language skills and mood, causing her absence from the Capitol for two long months and stalling the tiebreaking vote that she gives to the Democrats presently in the Senate Judiciary Committee.


What is more interesting to see is that even when Republicans came out to support Feinstein against these heartless resignation calls, many members of her own party did not. This shows the disrespect that Democrats, who are only in Congress to push their party’s agendas, have for senior leaders in the party. But it also indicates the long period of silence that Democrats have been forced to adopt over the years around matters relating to age and leadership and how they are no longer willing to stay silent.

While former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) dismissed these calls by trying to give them an anti-feminist lens, asking why old men have never been asked to step down in the same way, it is concerning that she chooses to turn a blind eye not only to the senator’s age problem but the fact that the public has repeatedly expressed concerns over Biden’s capabilities to remain in office, owing to the fact that his formerly occasional gaffes have now turned regular. Clearly, bringing woke gender discrimination into this is a failed argument. A recent poll by the Economist and YouGov has reported that nearly half (48%) of independents believe Biden’s age “severely limits” his abilities to perform the duties he holds as president of the United States. Hence, there is no reason to question legitimate concerns around the age of politicians who wield substantial power.

But America has seen this way too many times. It was a few years ago now that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) started her loud movement against Pelosi with calls for a new generation of leadership in the party. To her disappointment, her concerns were met with no heed. It is a problem in itself that Democrats don’t want to listen to Republicans or even just regular citizens when it comes to policymaking decisions, but how can we expect them to do so when they can’t pay attention to the demands of their own party members?

Dictatorial-style silencing within the party has proved to be costly to them. Whether this is just the liberal elites of Washington trying hard to keep a hold onto their power or Democrats trying to save face, America wants nothing to do with it. The country continues to ask how much longer the Democratic Party plans to continue maintaining its deafness against valid concerns around people in positions of great power, but Biden’s 2024 reelection run is the only answer received to date.


Max Mallhi is a summer 2023 Washington Examiner fellow.

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