The Chosen garners nearly a third of non-Christian viewers

The Chosen series released data that revealed a portion of its viewers are not of the Christian faith.

“We recently had some data come through that showed over half [of viewers] were either practicing Christians or cultural Christians,” The Chosen Vice President Katherine Warnock told Christian Headlines. “And then about 30 percent were either curious about Christianity or just no Christian faith. And we were deeply surprised about that.”

Warnock also reported a “surprising” number of Generation Z viewers and a “balance” between male and female viewers. The series is in its fourth season after the show aired in 2017 and began telling a theatrical version of the story of Jesus Christ in the Bible.

This comes after the studio Lionsgate acquired the worldwide sublicensing distribution rights. The Chosen is also fresh from its two-week theatrical release of the first three episodes of its latest season. Already, the series is available for viewing on Netflix, Prime, The Chosen App, and other streaming platforms.


Three more seasons are anticipated in order to capture the biblical telling of Holy Week, Jesus’s crucifixion, and the resurrection. Thursday was the theatrical release of the last two episodes.

All eight episodes will be available to stream on March 10, in the middle of the season of Lent and some weeks before the Easter holiday.

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