The Biden administration pressures fact checkers to rewrite reality

President Joe Biden wanted to ban gas stoves but ultimately backed down due to backlash. Now we know his administration tries to rewrite history by pressuring “fact checkers.”

According to emails acquired by the watchdog group Functional Government Initiative, the Consumer Product Safety Commission pressured fact-checking site Snopes to change its rating on the claim that it was considering banning gas stoves. As has been covered before, Biden appointee Richard Trumka Jr., one of just four members (at the time), was pushing heavily for a ban, and the agency released a plan to target half of gas stoves on the market in February 2023.

The initial claim that the CPSC was considering a ban was rated as a “mixture” of truth and falsehood by Snopes. One day later, Snopes changed the claim to just “false” despite the evidence to the contrary. CPSC spokeswoman Pamela Rucker Springs then emailed a White House assistant press secretary boasting about getting the rating changed. “Sent over tough letter to this writer yesterday when the initial claim was rated as ‘mixed,’” Springs wrote. “So helpful going forward” was the response from the White House.


Snopes says it wasn’t pressured. But Snopes also has a long track record of liberal bias, from protecting the architect of the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) to warring against right-wing satire sites. And even if you believe Snopes did not change its rating due to pressure (which you shouldn’t), that does not change the fact that the CPSC did pressure Snopes despite knowing that it was considering gas stove bans and that the Biden administration was happy with this move and called it “helpful.”

Biden has relied on his media allies for favorable coverage, especially as he pursues wildly unpopular policies such as banning gas stoves. Despite all of that help, he is historically unpopular because outlets such as Snopes can’t rewrite reality, no matter how hard they try. Biden continues to tank the credibility of his media allies along with his own popularity, and they deserve to take just as much heat as Biden.

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