The Bay Area shows how expensive Democrats’ climate obsession is

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The Bay Area shows how expensive Democrats’ climate obsession is

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Democrats want to ban gas stoves and other gas-powered devices, but they don’t want you to know they are behind it. That is what was behind the Biden administration’s gaslighting over a stove ban, and that is why California’s Bay Area is pushing ahead with one anyway.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District voted to ban the sale of new gas furnaces and water heaters, intending to shift everyone to electric systems that are expensive to install, could force people to retrofit their homes, and will be unreliable thanks to the state’s unreliable energy grid.


This is because, supposedly, if the Bay Area just eliminates the emissions from gas furnaces and water heaters, it will solve the climate crisis. Forcing residents to shell out more money for more unreliable devices is how we save the planet, so long as you ignore China’s 11 billion tons (and growing) of annual carbon emissions.

In truth, thousands upon thousands of dollars in electric replacements and home renovations to accommodate those replacements will not save the planet. But this exercise will leave residents more vulnerable during extreme weather events, which California has become very familiar with during its annual heat waves and the atmospheric river storms that have hit the state the past few months.


On top of that, it will make housing even more expensive, exacerbating one of the major problems already facing the Bay Area, which is still the top area people are looking to move away from. Everyone loses except for the climate cult and the bureaucrats and politicians that pander to it.

This is not going to stay in the Bay Area, though. The only reason the Biden administration pretended to backtrack on banning gas stoves was to avoid public backlash. The climate hysterics that govern the Bay Area govern the Democratic Party nationally, and so the Biden administration will try to push forward with whatever it can get with more muted public outrage.

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