‘Swifties for Palestine’ lobby Taylor Swift to weigh in on Israel-Hamas war

An activist group of Taylor Swift fans is begging the singer to show her support for Palestinians amid the Israel-Hamas war.

The fans are using the hashtag #SwiftiesForPalestine on social media and tagging Swift in their posts.

“I want to see everyone using #SwiftiesForPalestine today. @taylorswift13 we are calling for you to speak up NOW. to donate to Palestinian families fleeing the bombing in Gaza NOW. to spread awareness about the genocide in Rafah NOW,” a social media account said on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

The post showed fans holding a sign with the words “Taylor, take a stand!”

The star’s signature use of friendship bracelets is now being used by the pro-Palestinian group as they post photos of bracelets with the colors of the Palestinian flag.

“I love handing out Palestine friendship bracelets #SwiftiesForPalestine,” another fan wrote on social media with a photo showing Palestinian-themed friendship bracelets.

“Swifties For Palestine” began trending on X on Tuesday.

Some fans are encouraging other Swifties to bring their Palestinian flags to Swift’s concerts while she is on her worldwide “Eras” tour.

“Swifties, it’s time for you to take a Palestinian flag to #TSTheErasTour. Every action matters!!” one Swift fan said on social media.

The war between the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas and Israel began on Oct. 7, 2023, when Hamas killed over 1,200 Israelis and took over 250 hostages. Since the start of the war, there has been a growing grassroots effort to help Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, where Israel has been waging war in an attempt to root out the terrorists who attacked their country and to continue to find Israeli hostages.


Swift has not been completely silent on the issue of the Hamas-Israel war. In December, Swift was seen attending a comedy show with her friend Selena Gomez. The show featured comedian Ramy Youssef and raised money for American Near East Refugee Aid, a Palestinian charity claiming to deliver food, water, and medicine to people displaced by the war in Gaza.

The Washington Examiner has reached out to Swift for comment.

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