Stormy situation: Trump’s team makes legal blunder with mistaken identity flub

Former President Donald Trump‘s lawyers reportedly subpoenaed the wrong person in a bid to get information related to his hush money case in New York City.

One of the former president’s lawyers was seeking to send a subpoena to investigator Jeremy Rosenberg but sent the demand to the address of an unrelated man in Brooklyn, according to court documents filed by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office on Monday.

“After receiving defendant’s pre-motion letter, the People spoke with Mr. Rosenberg’s counsel, who informed the People that Mr. Rosenberg was not, in fact, served with the subpoena, that Mr. Rosenberg had not corresponded with defense counsel, and that Mr. Rosenberg does not have any connection to the Brooklyn address where the subpoena purportedly was served,” the district attorney’s office said in a court filing.

Included in the filing was an email response from the Jeremy Rosenberg to whom Trump’s attorneys accidentally sent a subpoena. Rosenberg told Trump attorney Todd Blanche, “I don’t have any files for you.”

The criminal indictment against Trump, one of four in different courts across the country, is centered on allegations the former president falsified business documents when paying hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels before the 2016 presidential election.


Trump has pleaded not guilty to the allegations. He was denied a bid to delay the trial by a New York appeals court on Tuesday after the judge in the case had imposed a gag order on the former president.

He had been seeking a stay in the case pending an appeal of the gag order imposed on him, barring Trump from verbally attacking witnesses, prosecutors, and the families of Bragg and Judge Juan Merchan.

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