Stimulus update: Applications for rebate payment worth up to $318 open in three days

Low-income residents in Boulder, Colorado, will be able to apply for a food tax rebate from the city in three days.

The program, which has been running in the city since 1967, works to “lessen the financial burden on lower income community members for city sales tax paid on food items,” according to the city government. Applications for the program will be open from March 1 until June 30.

The rebates this year will offer individuals $104 and families $318, an increase from the figures in 2023.

The rebates are available to those who either were 62 years old or older during the entirety of 2023, have a disability, or are a family with children under the age of 18 for the entirety of 2023, along with confirmation the applicant lived in Boulder for the entirety of 2023 and certain financial requirements.

The maximum annual income an applicant could have made in 2023 depends on the size of the family of the applicant. For a family of one, the maximum income is $46,500, while for a family of two it is $53,150, and for a family of four it is $66,400. The maximum income for families of different sizes can be found on the city’s website.


In 2023, the city approved 1,093 applicants of the 1,241 sent for the rebate, with 679 of those rebates going to older adults, 267 of them going to families, and the remaining 147 going to people with disabilities.

The program issued a total of $162,000 in rebates to eligible residents of Boulder in 2023.

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