State of Union 2024: Speaker Johnson mocks Biden in prebuttal video, including stair trips

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) blasted President Joe Biden ahead of his State of the Union address Thursday evening, lambasting the White House’s record on top issues.

Johnson’s office released a video on Thursday morning that combined clips of Biden’s comments about the border, economy, and other policy matters with his worst moments, including tripping up the stairs of Air Force One.

“While the White House plans to use the annual address as a ‘reset,’ Speaker Johnson is reminding the American public that the reason a reset is even necessary is because of President Biden’s failed agenda and failed leadership,” Johnson’s office said in a statement.

“The State of the Union address will offer the American people an opportunity to hear directly from the President — a rare occurrence during his tenure in office. In just three years, President Biden’s policies have rapidly accelerated American decline on every issue from the economy to national security and foreign policy,” Johnson said in a statement. “The American people don’t need empty words on a page for a ‘reset’; we need better policies and a real leader.”

The 90-second video, “Three Years of Decline,” also looks back at the Biden administration’s “botched” withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 and America’s “weakened standing on the world stage” as Russia invaded Ukraine, the Middle East fell into war, and China and North Korea escalated in aggression.


The speech on Thursday marks Biden’s fourth address to a joint session of Congress and the final one in his first term.

Biden is expected to go up against presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in November, creating a repeat of the 2020 presidential election.

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