Sean Spicer dishes on the Trump indictment and Karine Jean-Pierre as WH Press Sec

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer speaking with the press.
"I actually call the questions. Alexis, if you don't want to [ask] your question, I can call on somebody else," Spicer said. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Sean Spicer dishes on the Trump indictment and Karine Jean-Pierre as WH Press Sec

Walking the runway at the 20th annual Dressed to Kilt charity fashion show on Saturday was none other than Sean Spicer, the first White House press secretary of Donald Trump‘s presidency. The Washington Examiner caught up with Spicer after his walk down the runway, and the Newsmax host blasted Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg‘s impending indictment of his former boss.

“I think it’s absolutely ridiculous,” Spicer said at the Omni Shoreham hotel. “The law is very clear. If you care about the rule of law in this country, then it’s pretty obvious that the statute of limitations has run its course. You can’t care about the judicial system just some of the time.


When asked whether Trump can invoke the John Edwards defense — that the hush-money scheme to Stormy Daniels was meant to hide the alleged affair from Melania, not from voters to influence the 2016 — Spicer was adamant that “it doesn’t matter.”

“The bottom line is that Alvin Bragg is a local official, not a federal official,” Spicer said. “If the feds have passed on this. Alvin Bragg doesn’t have jurisdiction, and the statute OF limitations have passed. The bottom line is if you care about the justice system in our country right now, for multiple reasons, then you have to say that this is a miscarriage of justice.”

Spicer also dished on his Biden administration successors, first Jen Psaki and now Karine Jean-Pierre, who has faced outright criticism from the White House press corps.


“I think that as much as I differ with Jen on policy, I think Jen was obviously extremely qualified for the job,” Spicer said. “With all due respect, Karine is just not qualified for the job.”

“It’s not about the binder,” said Spicer. “It’s clear that she doesn’t have the confidence of the President and understanding of the material, command of what it takes to work with the media. That’s not her background. She didn’t come to this with a background of working for the media, and it shows every day.”

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