San Francisco demands teachers confuse children about their gender

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San Francisco demands teachers confuse children about their gender

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With children across California decimated by learning loss after two years of lockdowns, San Francisco has decided to focus on the most important thing schools should be teaching: fringe gender ideology.

A “teaching guide for elementary grades” issued by the San Francisco Unified School District demands that teachers begin confusing children about their gender as early as kindergarten, urging teachers to tell five-year-olds that it is “normal to explore and be curious about gender” and that “gender identity is determined by the way we feel inside or right for us.”


Of course, letting five-year-olds define their entire existence could not possibly go wrong.

Once one of those kindergartners decides that maybe they don’t want to be the gender they are (a decision that they have no ability to make at such an age), they will then be quickly forced down the path to transitioning by their teachers and their school administrators, with the glowing approval of California’s government. The San Francisco school board and the California education code encourage schools to immediately begin socially transitioning children regardless of age.

None of this requires teachers or administrators to inform parents of what is going on. Parents are only to be notified “when discussing puberty, STI and HIV prevention, sexual health” and when inviting outside speakers to the classroom. That is “notified,” as in teachers need only inform them. Nothing in the new policy requires the permission of parents.

This has become the norm up and down the state of California. The California Teachers Association held a conference last year where two middle school teachers bragged about how they monitored students’ Internet histories to recruit them into transgender clubs, without telling their parents, and encouraged other teachers to do the same. The San Diego Unified School District also trains teachers to confuse children about their genders, and also on how to answer questions about porn, masturbation, and the taste of semen.

On top of this, California recently became a “sanctuary state” for the mutilation of children in the name of “gender affirmation.” And, yes, you guessed it, parents have no say that in that either.

California already set back the development of millions of children with its unscientific COVID lockdowns. Now the state is looking to use classrooms to cause permanent damage to children through surgeries, puberty blockers, and hormone treatments. That’s California’s idea of education, so it’s no wonder they prefer to keep parents in the dark.


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