Rudy Giuliani owes his ex-wife $14K, judge rules in ‘painful’ hearing

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Rudy Giuliani owes his ex-wife $14K, judge rules in ‘painful’ hearing

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Rudy Giuliani owes his ex-wife $14,000 for his slice of their country club fees, starkly below the payment she sought, a New York judge estimated Monday.

Acknowledging that the former New York City mayor paid his wife, Judith, much of what was owed, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz chided her for dramatically overestimating his debt obligations and cited his own calculations that $14,000 was outstanding during a hearing Monday. Katz signaled plans to order Rudy Giuliani to pay the $14,000.


“Why was there such a big discrepancy from the original amount you claimed?” Katz pressed Judith Giuliani’s lawyer, per the New York Post. “It seems everyone’s record-keeping, in this case, is very poor.”

Judith Giuliani, 67, filed a lawsuit to hold Rudy Giuliani in civil contempt, claiming he was short on the $260,000 in alimony he owed for their 2019 divorce settlement. Precise estimates given for what the former mayor owes have varied throughout the proceedings. Judith Giuliani’s lawyers contended Monday that she is still owed over $100,000, citing a check of about $30,000 they claimed bounced, according to the report.

Back in September, after Rudy Giuliani skipped a court hearing in the matter, Katz moved to compel him to cough up $235,000, accounting for legal fees and reports that he paid off roughly $45,000 of that debt load. Rudy Giuliani eventually managed to avert that payment in a subsequent hearing.

Rudy Giuliani previously conceded that he does “owe her money” but has adamantly rejected the sum that Judith claims he owes. Throughout the hearing Monday, Katz struggled to navigate through sparse evidence provided by either side to nail down an exact figure for what Rudy Giuliani owes and vented frustration over both sides muddying the waters.

“I think the motion was faulty to begin with because it sought to recover monies that are not owed,” Katz said of Judith Giuliani’s claims, according to the outlet. “I think both parties have made this more amorphous and confusing than it needs to be.”


At one point during the fiery hearing, Rudy Giuliani suggested he would submit additional paperwork to prove his assertion that he mostly paid off his obligations to Judith Giuliani. Katz scolded him for being “way past any deadline.”

“I’m going to direct that [Rudy Giuliani] makes those payments and remain current under any other obligations,” Katz added, per the report. “And I’m hoping this is the last time you have to sit through any kind of these exercises.”

After the hearings, Rudy Giuliani dubbed the hearing “painful” but hailed Katz as being “very fair” while jabbing the hearing as the reason he is “not married to” his ex-wife anymore. The duo split in 2018, ending 15 years of marriage, before reaching a $30 million settlement in 2019.

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