Rihanna slammed for mocking Christians in risque photoshoot dressed as sexy nun

Singer Rihanna received a heated reaction on Tuesday after a social media video circulated of her seductively posing as a sexy nun for the cover of Interview Magazine.

She is seen wearing a traditional Catholic nun headdress while grabbing an exposed breast with one hand in an unbuttoned plunging white blouse and making provocative faces with her bright red lips as she looked on at the camera for the magazine’s photoshoot.

The title of the magazine cover article is “Rihanna is Ready to Confess,” which can be seen as a religious reference to confessing for one’s sins.

Many social media users took issue with the 36-year-old singer’s image.

“Try this with a Hijab…see what happens,” a social media user wrote.

“Hey Rihanna do an Islam shoot next . . . come on, do it!” another user added.

“They always mock Christians. They never ever mock other religions….we all know why,” another social media user chimed in.

Rihanna joins a long list of celebrities, including Madonna, Sam Smith and Lil Nas X, who have been accused of mocking religion to share a provocative take on religious imagery.


Her nun photo from the photoshoot was not the only bizarre photo from the magazine’s article about her.

She is also seen in one photo with barely any makeup while wearing a white shirt and black tie. In addition, she is seen in another photo with a blonde wig not fully sitting on her head while wearing a large blue sweater, and her legs look dirty with black streaks running over her knees and down her leg.

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