Reject groupthink this Pride Month

The monthlong celebrations in June for LGBT pride serve as a great reminder that groupthink is not something to be proud of.

While the LGBT community tries to convince people it is marginal and oppressed, the reality is that with each generation, more and more adults identify as members of the LGBT community. 

A 2023 poll by Gallup, for example, found that in Generation Z, 22.3% identify as LGBT. Compare that to millennials, 9.8% of whom identify as LGBT, and Generation X, with just 4.5%. And yet, as more young people seek to express their sexuality more publicly, the messaging of the LGBT agenda has changed rapidly. 

In years past, the messaging was that everyone ought to live their private life in total freedom. But now that the culture has grown in acceptance of this, the messaging has shifted. Far too many members of the LGBT community do not just want acceptance — they want forced celebration, too. 

And as the LGBT community grows, the incessant need for celebration grows as well. 

This agenda isn’t reserved just for adults. The younger generations are being intentionally exposed to various sexualities at significantly younger ages than in the past. From transgender story times in libraries to children drag shows to gender identity lessons to students in elementary schools, the LGBT agenda has become very public and very widespread.

So it’s no wonder the number of LGBT-identifying Gen Zers is increasing. Children are being primed to become a part of the community, often without parental consent. 

The new messaging of the LGBT agenda is that expressing sexuality loudly (often in vulgar ways) is something to be proud of. And this starts with the younger generations — because to end any stigma around the community, children need to grow up being continuously desensitized to it. 

But there is nothing brave about pushing a sexual identity onto vulnerable children in elementary school. There is nothing uplifting about trans-identifying women dancing provocatively on the streets of a Pride parade. And there is certainly nothing respectable about bullying others into praising this kind of behavior while hiding behind claims of victimhood.


The sexual agenda that is being pushed for in the LGBT community, particularly with children, is disturbed. And decadent celebrations to flaunt sexuality are not private or personal — not when everyone has to do it. 

The groupthink within the LGBT community might make some believe they are oppressed and that they must keep a tally of the houses in their neighborhood without a rainbow Pride flag. And this month, they might feel proud for doing so. But those advocating to keep elementary school children separate from sexual identity conversations and encourage real individuality in students know better.

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