Proud Boys videographer takes stand with his service Saint Bernard

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Violent protesters, loyal to President Donald Trump, storm the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C. (Graeme Jennings / Washington Examiner)

Proud Boys videographer takes stand with his service Saint Bernard

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A disabled former Proud Boys videographer who livestreamed the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill took the stand in the Proud Boys seditious conspiracy trial on Tuesday. He was accompanied by his service dog, a Saint Bernard named Donald J. Trump.

California man Eddie Block, who has shared video footage of himself at the riot, testified as a witness for the defense during one of the last days of a trial against fellow Proud Boys member and leader Enrique Tarrio and four of his lieutenants. The men have been charged with plotting to stop the peaceful transfer of presidential power from Trump to President Joe Biden in 2021.


Block, who uses an electronic wheelchair to get around due to problems walking, said he had attended the riot because he wanted to document the protest, but he was not aware ahead of time it would turn into a riot.

“I’ve been to over 100 rallies all across the country. There’s been times where, once in Sacramento, cops were trying to arrest girls and drug them out of my arms,” Block said of previous Proud Boys protests. “We were upset about it. We didn’t try to harm police. Police then forced me to walk 100 feet, drug my scooter, they were kind of rude to me, but we never said anything wrong to them. Proud Boys were there and we didn’t start fights.”

When asked if the march on Jan. 6 was to interfere with law enforcement, Block said, “No sir, we were just there to get our voices heard.”

Block’s testimony comes after a nearly two-month trial that included more than 30 days of testimony by more than 20 prosecution witnesses, including two former Proud Boys members cooperating with the government in the hope of lighter sentences.


Block said he is no longer a member of the group, having left after the riot, but he was a fourth-degree member of the group before Jan. 6. He joined in 2019. It is unclear whether Block has been charged in connection to the riot.

Block is expected to continue testifying in the case on Wednesday.

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