Police make first arrest in UCLA fight between protester groups

The University of California, Los Angeles police department announced Friday that it has made an arrest three weeks after violence broke out between protesters on campus.

Edan On, 18, was arrested Thursday amid charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Officers claimed he had no affiliation with UCLA. He was allegedly among those who were caught on camera beating pro-Palestinian protesters with sticks. Most wore masks during the encounter, which could make identifying the suspects difficult.

On was reportedly identified by his own mother in a since-deleted Instagram post. She claimed he was the protester in a white hoodie and captioned a screenshot of him in Hebrew explaining he “went to bully the Palestinian students in the tents at UCLA and played the song that they played to the Nukhba terrorists in prison.”

Those present captured videos of groups of people punching and kicking one another during the April 30 event. There were reports of pepper spray between groups and fireworks being launched into the encampment.


Various protests have broken out on college campuses nationwide in the name of a ceasefire in Gaza. Over 2,300 protesters, many of whom were unaffiliated with the respective universities, have been arrested in attempts to clear encampments.

UCLA in particular was forced to pause classes temporarily when protests became too violent. Over 200 protesters were arrested on its campus.

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