Pelosi accused of hypocrisy on Israel-Gaza war: ‘You own this’

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was accused of being hypocritical by condemning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while at the same time supporting sending arms shipments to Israel.

In an interview with Tim Sebastian of DW News, Pelosi issued a harsh condemnation of Netanyahu over civilian casualties in Gaza. Sebastian quickly pushed back, arguing she bears much responsibility.

“If you don’t like what Israel is doing, and the president has made it clear that some of what Israel is doing he doesn’t like, and you go on supplying them with hardware to do these things, you own this operation every bit as much as they do, don’t you?” Sebastian asked Pelosi.

“No, we don’t. We don’t,” she responded. “We have always supported Israel as our national security friend largely because it was in our interest to do so. We had shared values; [it’s] the only democracy in the region. The behavior of Netanyahu is, in my view, inexcusable in terms of how it has affected the … collateral damage of children and families and the rest, but nobody can take away the right of any country to defend itself that has been brutally attacked in that way.”


Pelosi also claimed that no U.S. hardware provided after Oct. 7 has been used in Israel’s war in Gaza, contrary to the beliefs of many analysts. The U.S. has provided Israel with extensive lethal and nonlethal aid since the beginning of the war.

Pelosi also suggested there was nothing the U.S. could do to make its displeasure toward Israeli actions known. Sebastian responded by pointing out actions from former Presidents Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush that successfully put pressure on Israel to change course.

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