The 2020 election is being recycled

Some bill the 2024 election as “the most important of our lifetime.” In reality, it’s a repeat of the last election. Unless something major and catastrophic happens, it will once again be President Joe Biden vs. former President Donald Trump this November. The matchup may be routine, but the preceding four years have been anything […]

Nikki Haley’s Super Tuesday delegate math problem

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley‘s pathway to the presidency will meet a steep speed bump on Super Tuesday. Haley, the last candidate standing between former President Donald Trump and the GOP nomination, has refused to drop out before Super Tuesday, arguing that a significant portion of voters are demanding an alternative option to […]

Joe Biden should hope Trump wins his immunity...

The Supreme Court announced Wednesday that it will hear former President Donald Trump’s appeal in his Jan. 6 criminal case arguing that he has immunity from prosecution for his actions during his time as president. For the politically motivated prosecution of Trump, this is a five-alarm fire for the effort to convict the former president […]

Attacking Biden dog had it out for security...

Behind the Oval Office, the next busiest office in the White House has been the White House Medical Unit. In the latest tranche of Secret Service emails about the first family’s German shepherd, there are multiple reports of Commander’s unprovoked lunging at agents and security officials. In one just revealed by the legal watchdog group […]

War in Ukraine - One Year On


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