Biden’s problem isn’t his age, it’s his personality


President Joe Biden’s rude disposition and abrasive temperament threaten his reelection bid far more than the perpetual discussions regarding the 81-year-old’s lack of fitness. His confrontational personality has been on full display in recent interviews with George Stephanopoulos and Joe Scarborough which have illuminated his unpleasant nature. 

Biden’s interview last Friday on ABC News with Stephanopoulos was supposed to alleviate doubts about the president’s mental and physical condition, but his underwhelming performance further confirmed that he’s no longer fit for office. Biden looked much like he did during the presidential debate against former President Donald Trump. He was soft-spoken, irrationally self-aggrandizing, and failed to accept responsibility for his poor debate performance by blaming it on a cold and a busy travel schedule. Setting aside the brazen lies, Biden’s worst moment occurred when Stephanopoulos asked him a simple yet crucial question: “Can you serve effectively for the next four years?”

Biden leaned forward in his seat and almost menacingly responded: “George, I’m the guy that put NATO together, the future. No one thought I could expand it. I’m the guy that shut Putin down. No one thought it could happen. I’m the guy that put together a South Pacific initiative with AUKUS.” 

The combative response exposes a worrisome lack of self-awareness given that Biden’s falling in the polls and members of his own party are calling for him to step aside. This constant narcissistic rhetoric that he’s proven the doubters wrong has only further cemented his status as someone who is out of touch with reality. 

There was little substance in his responses, of course, but it’s the manner through which he conversed with Stephanopoulos that’s most concerning. Stephanopoulos consistently asked Biden about his age, but he maneuvered around the questions by listing his theoretical accomplishments in a failed attempt to impress voters. 

Self-sabotage has been a common theme in Biden’s campaign, but his appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough was the most over-the-top example yet. His indignant tone was disrespectful to the hosts of the show and it was clear at times that he was genuinely upset. 

Upon discussing the fact that he’s lost support among black voters, Biden went off the rails and yelled: “Watch! Watch! I’m getting so frustrated by the elites, now I’m not talking about you guys, but the elites in the party. … If any of these guys don’t think I should run, then run against me.” 

One would imagine that he was being forceful and assertive in an attempt to mask the fact that he’s 81 years old and clearly senile. The endeavor was inevitably futile, however, as all he did was prove to the public how rude, disrespectful, and unpresidential he truly is. 

He referred to Scarborough as “pal” at one point in the interview. He has a crass tendency to swear that for some reason gets ignored, and his anger at times is palpable. That’s not to mention that he yelled at Trump for being a “loser” and a “sucker” during the debate after erroneously claiming that no soldiers have died under his watch. 


Biden gets a pass, though, because he’s “decent” and is from Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

The Left often talks about Republicans who are “low-information voters,” yet we have an entire voting bloc that’s been deceived into thinking Biden is at his core a kind and charismatic person. 

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