Biden commits to a Praetorian presidency


“I give you my word, I will always level with you. … Keep everything I do in your service, thinking not of power, but of possibilities, not of personal interest, but the public good.”

President Joe Biden made that pledge in his inaugural address. But just as Donald Trump broke his constitutional oath by attempting to subvert America’s democratic will, Biden has now broken his own solemn oath to the people.

Biden is plainly senile in a manner that jeopardizes his ability to serve as commander in chief. The president cannot even navigate a notes-in-hand, call-in, off-camera interview with his two greatest supporters in the media. His insistence on continuing his reelection campaign is plainly a pursuit of power and personal interest over the public good.

And the president’s divorce from reality only gets more ludicrous with each passing day.

Consider what happened on Tuesday. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked by Fox News’s Peter Doocy whether the president commits to serving out a “full second term if reelected.”

Jean-Pierre’s response was definitive: “Yes.”

That’s how deeply unserious Biden’s reelection effort has become. The notion that Biden could serve out the first year of a second term in office while maintaining a basic degree of mental competence is highly questionable. The notion that Biden could serve out 2026 with a basic degree of mental competence beggars belief. The notion that Biden could serve out 2027 or 2028 with a basic degree of mental competence is beyond ridiculous. Indeed, it is such a ridiculous proposition as to be utterly outrageous.

Just as Biden and his family openly insulted their top aides after his debate debacle, they are now openly insulting the electorate. Like Trump, it is clear that the president’s first concern is his ego and associated retention of power. Anyone who observes Biden objectively today knows that he would be a zombie in the Oval Office by 2027 at the latest. But this situation isn’t at all funny. On the contrary, it’s a deadly serious and profoundly undemocratic proposition.

After all, Biden is already heavily reliant on an inner circle of advisers and family members to assist him in providing the most basic fulfillment of his duties. Unlike Biden, however, these individuals have not been elected. But as Biden declines with each passing day, so also does the power and importance of those around him increase in tandem.


This is an unseemly situation today. But were it to continue from January 2025 onward, the result would be utterly un-American. A second-term Biden presidency would be a presidency that existed via a zombie figurehead and a supremely powerful Praetorian Guard. Via the necessity of Biden’s mental incapacity, the real power of the executive would exist in a cabal of unelected advisers.

Democrats who have sworn their own oaths of office and value public service need to step in. Now.

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